Sunday, 13 August 2017

Drawing & Painting Classes in Delhi

Art and craft form an essential part of everyone's childhood memories. Some even grow up with these memories and opt for a career based on this hobby. Today every child has a different thinking ideology and different aspirations, as a parent one must understand this and must support their child at every stage of life. One such commendable endeavor in this sector is made by Fine Line Art Academy, who has taken initiative to encourage students with inclination towards arts and other hobbies.

About Fine line Art Academy

Fine Art Institute in Kaushambi
Fine Line Art Academy is a pioneer and one of it kind academy that allows each and every student to work in close association with each other in collaboratively organized studios. This will allow them to dwell deep inside the field and learn new disciplines that form the overall contemporary art. These hobbies may vary from one student to other and they may be painting with oil colors, sculpture making and many more. At Fine Line Art Academy, the experts and instructors understand this and accordingly proceed in the career building. Today, the academy has grown up to be one of the most trusted and affordable institution providing Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi and around. The team has meticulously designed an interactive curriculum that is sure to give a tough competition to all drawing and painting classes in Delhi.

Every kind of student- be it graduate or undergraduate can avail the benefits of the academy in a very economical and cost effective manner. Apart from providing relevant oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi, the academy boosts the morale of the students by providing them coaching to clear various competitive exams relevant to fashion industry as well. The academy emphasizes on various art forms including:
1. Acrylic painting
2. Oil Painting
3. Portrait Painting
4. Landscape Painting
5. Abstract Painting
6. Still life painting
7. Illustration
And many more…

As per convenience and availability, one can choose for a 1-year program or a 2-year program. These are diploma courses with affordable fee structure as well. Under these modern art painting classes in Delhi, students are taught from the basics and then slowly move ahead to the complications. This will help them o have a detailed vision of the art form. Like Fine Line, All Drawing and Painting Classes in Delhi doesn't make it mandatory for students to sit for long hours in the academy to complete the course, hence they are time saving as well.

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