Sunday, 2 April 2017

Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi

Fine Line Art Academy is meant to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with expertise in hobbies that they are interested in. They provide all drawing and painting classes in Delhi, the curriculum of which has been designed and developed by some of the experts in the respective domain. This provides a deep insight to the subject with practical workshops and classes. Along with developing hobbies at this academy, the firm also offers effective BFA Entrance Exam / Preparation in Delhi as well as portfolio entrance preparation exam NID, Pearl, BFA, NIFT and many more. All these activities are conducted by expert guides that too at affordable and economical price.

hobby classes in fine Arts

BFA entrance exam/preparation in Delhi

This is an exclusively designed training preparation program that offers highly trustworthy and economical BFA entrance exam/preparation in Delhi. The program aims to cover all important and vital aspects of course content required for any arts academy. Students are also prepared for portfolio entrance preparation exam NID, Pearl, BFA, NIFT etc. The curriculum included is detailed below:
1. Free hand drawing and sketching
2. Still Life painting
3. Life drawing human study
4. Composition, which includes usage of watercolor, oil pastel, and pencil colors
5. Live sketch of model
6. Mock test

mural painting in delhi

For Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam NID, Pearl, BFA,NIFT students will be covering the following topics in detail:
1. Free hand sketching
2. Perspective Drawing
3. Combining and composing given three-dimensional
4. Creating interesting two-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms
5. Creating visual harmony using colors in given composition
6. Portfolio preparation
7.Mock interview

Fine Line art academy is one of its kind art academies that offers diploma and certificate courses to enhance skills and talent in fine arts that may include drawing, painting and many more. In this academy, the students be it undergraduate or graduate, works in close collaboration with each other in a well organized studios. The curriculum includes introductory classes, lectures by guest lecturers from same domain, workshops and many more activities. The academy boasts of being the most economical and reliable All Drawing And Painting Classes in Delhi provider

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